Monday, July 4, 2011

Some Family Pictures

Here's some kid photos. Alex, our 23 year old is actually staying in the States to finish his associate degree. He took the two photos below and we wanted them here to let him know that he's still an important part of our family as we travel abroad. Hopefully he'll join us next summer when we go to Ukraine to spend two months with Oksana's family.

It's all coming together

Well we received our visas! And we now know that our cartons are in route to Zhuhai. Only 32 days before we fly to Hong Kong. We can't wait to see our apartment. I've attached some photos here. The complex we'll be living in is call Horizon Cove. There's a manmade lake/swimming pool in the center of the complex, sauna, recreation room, shops, all catering to an ex-patriot community. Buses run on the 1/2 hour into City-Center of Zhuhai. We're anxiously looking forward to exploring the city and taking the ferry over to Hong Kong. HK is beautiful and rich with culture and activities. The boys are looking forward to seeing the new disneyland there (can you belief it! the most commercial of western culture in the midst of a city once owned by the Brits and now slated for inclusion into China proper within the decade--East collides with West!). Enjoy the pix below...