Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life at the School!

Some pictures of the front entrance to the school. The building itself was destined to be a hotel but now provides an ideal environment for a school. Rather than being deep in a city, the building sits out on an island and is surrounded by greenery. Just a short stroll takes you, and your class, down to the waterfront. I have plans to take my secondary classes there to do some drawing. Also included in this batch are some images from Peter's first assembly and last week's awards ceremony. Both boys received an award. Cristian for Chinese, he's really excited about learning this intriguing new language and is turning everyone's head with his abilities. And Peter for math. Peter also wowed his teacher, Mrs. Rachael, with his interest in art when they recently visited a museum in Zhuhai.

Peter turns 8 and Cristian turns 6!!

We had the boys birthday party at the swimming pool and invited many of the faculty members that have young children. The boys have made some new friends and had a wonderful time. We had pizza from Mr. Pizza, a local Tang Jia restaurant that does a pretty good job. Though we all miss our Marcos Pizza from home. We want to try pizza hut here at the mall and might today after we visit an amusement park in Zhuhai. the pictures below include many of the friends we've made here, it's a very community oriented school, a friendly bunch all in all. Oksana wanted to show off the pool and the environment a little so there's quite a few of her in our tropical paradise.

Horizon Cove!

Oksana and the boys stand in front of a huge photo of the Horizon Cove complex. It really is a lovely place to live and now that the weather's broken, very comfortable as well. We bought some additional furniture and a nice rug for the living room. Still waiting on our shipment but hope to have our posessions from home soon.

A trip to the mall!

We've found some very nice restaurants, although it's a challenge sometimes to even get a glass of ice water! We enjoyed some sushi and some other interesting dishes at a Japanese style restaurant. It was great fun to sit down in the table well on cushions. The bar featured a moving track with small portion you could choose from on multicolored plates. Each plate color was a different price. The mall itself has a McDonalds and a Pizza Hut around the corner and a wonderful cake shop where we bought three delicious cakes for the boy's birthdays.


The school puts on a Sundowner every year. Good times were had by all...