Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Day At School!

After many hours of preparation and planning, the 2011-2012 School year at Zhuhai International School was under way. Nick was busy getting the art room organized as well as the new music room and Oksana started her new job as the principal's assistant. Doesn't she look so professional in her own office? Cristian and Peter were so excited! They look so handsome in their new school uniforms! Peter's teacher is Ms Rachael, Sabastian and Dominic's mom and Cristian's teacher is Ms Zanna, Evan and Sion's (that's Sean) mom. The boys are so happy. And, Nick's art room is fantastic--the best teaching position he's ever had. Here's some pictures...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're here!

Here's some pictures... First at the Candlewood Hotel in Perrysburg. Then, traveling by van to our new home in Zhuhai (I've left out the 15 hour flight!) It was a wet beginning! But, soon we were unpacked and finding our way. The boys have already made some wonderful new friends. Mark and Rachel are two of the administrators of the school and their two sons Sebastian (8) and Dominic (4). They also have a lovely little girl, Petra (10) And, one of the new couples here, John and Zanna, from England, have two boys as well,  Evan (7) and Sean (5). The boys are quite happy. We've been getting use to the complex, swimming in the wonderful pool, walking in to Tang Jia, the suburb of Zhuhai where the complex is located, to shop in the markets and have lunch. We'll have an Ayi (housekeeper) part time to help clean, etc. She's the little one to the right of Oksana in front of the world map. The last set of pictures are of a party we all had at a local restaurant. Enjoy, and more to come...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Unbelievably we made it this far. Sunday we moved out of the apartment. Thankfully, the complex let us out of the lease with no further payments. An hour before we were to turn in our key, Snickers, our carmel colored cat simply disappeared. We were moving bags and Alex and a friend of his were moving the beds out and we thought the cat had taken off. I couldn't believe it was true, though because for him to get outside he would have to pass through two closed doors. Peter went all around the building, calling Snicker's name, crying and looking just miserable. In just a little while we were to take both cats to Jodi, our foster mom and no Snickers. In the mean time I put Missy in her cage just to be safe. this went on for another half an hour. Oksana and I were standing in the kitchen. "How could this have happened?" I said. "Where could this cat be?" Just at that moment, Alex come in telling us his friend can't start his truck. I hung my head, thinking, what more could happen, and who's at my feet? You guessed it, Snickers!! We think he hid behind the dishwasher through a little hole in the corner of the molding. CATS!
In any event, we have our rental car for the week, I've scheduled a van for Friday to take us to the airport, everything is in order. I want to take some picture tomorrow of our Hotel and post them, so stay tuned, more to come...