Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a few more, then on to our vacation!

A day out with friends...

Lost in Translation...

In our journeys we've encounters many humorous signs written in English by native Chinese speakers using literal translation tools like Google translate. This is just one example. We were so taken by these and were delighted to find a website devoted to this phenomenon. It's called "" and you've got to check it out!

A new family member!

During the last few months we have enjoyed the company of a lovely new pet cat. Her name is MuMu and she certainly does a lot of it!

Earth Day 2012

The boys planted a tree on the ZIS property in honor of Earth Day. This is a lasting tribute to our stay in China and I'm so happy for our family to be a part of the landscape at the school.

Something New

Well, its been a while. Sorry I've not been posting new material, but have been super busy with school We are on vacation now so I'm updating since January. Enjoy!

First some pictures from our day in Macao. the last is Oksana at the Venetian Pool. Striking resemblance don't you think?

Next are some pictures from my art show. the students all did a wonderful job and the show was a big success with parents and the community. 

Some pictures of sports day. Peter and Cristian placed high in many of the events. Two super athletes!

A beautiful day, in a lovely park in Zhuhai...

Peter just loooves his crab row sushi!